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Skin Health Hub

Before founding Skin Health Hub, Hayley worked in a range of businesses and industries from fashion retailing, skincare companies, personnel and recruitment, training & development and over the last 10 years has immersed herself in the beauty and wellness Industries as an owner of a Beauty and Hairdressing Salon.

As a Skin Therapist and Laser Technician qualified in Laser Science, Laser and Intense Pulsed Light technologies and cosmeceutical skincare Hayley has experienced first-hand and treated many problematic skin conditions.

Hayley found many clients were embarrassed about their skin imperfections, conditions like: skin blemishes…acne skin…dry skin… itchy skin… eczema…psoriasis…dermatitis…rosacea…sun damaged skin…skin rashes…skin with uneven pigmentation…even sort her advice on the best ways to treat common ‘school yard’ conditions such as head lice for their children.

She found many clients were thirsty for knowledge seeking a Permanent Solution to their skin conditions and were turning to the Internet for the Answer to their problems.

So, with that in mind the Skin Condition Hub Site was created to be a Hub where people can access information and at the same time shop on-line for products which provide solutions to their problematic skin conditions all in one place.

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