7 Weight Loss Success Tips

For many people losing weight is difficult, but it doesn’t have to be that way.  By making lots of small, simple changes to your eating habits such as the 7 weight loss success tips here, can result in you being able to shift excess weight effortlessly. Here’s how.


7 Weight Loss Success Tips#1        Avoid all processed foods

Processed foods play a huge role in obesity as well as many other health problems such as diabetes.


#2        Avoid all white carbohydrates

This includes bread, rice, potatoes, cereal, pasta, fried food with breading, tortillas and anything else white.

#3        Eat an apple a day

The apple peel contains ursolic acid which increases skeletal muscle and brown fat (found in the shoulders and neck) that helps burn kilojoules.

#4        Eat a big breakfast

The old saying which recommends we eat breakfast like a king is sound advice when it comes to weight loss.  Eating a big breakfast will kick-start your metabolism, you will feel fuller for longer, reducing hunger which will prevent weight gain.

#5        Chew 30 times

By chewing your food slowly you are helping your body release the hormones that work in your intestines to reduce appetite and reduce how much you eat.

#6        Add some spice to you meals

Hot foods tend to decrease the volume of food we eat. Adding ginger, garlic, pepper, capsicums and chilli help suppress hunger and increase feelings of fullness.

#7 Drink from a narrow glass

If you enjoy a glass of wine then drinking from a narrow glass is believe to help you drink less because you think you are drinking more. When you consider that a 160ml glass of wine can contain 500kj it could be worth giving it a try.

At the very least our 7 weight loss success tips will make you more mindful of your daily eating habits and when you start to see some results from changes you make you are more likely to stick with those changes.

The weight loss tips above have been gathered from the weight loss success stores told by the remarkable people who were interviewed for our e-Book “ How I Beat Obesity”. Their inspirational stories tell of their weight loss secrets, how their determination and will power helped them overcome their struggle with being over-weight or obese and how some prevented life threatening diseases from occurring. They all beat their life-long battle with weight and now YOU can too! To purchase the e-Book visit:  http://skinhealthshop.com/products/body-health/weight-loss/information-products-weight-loss/ebook-how-i-beat-obesity-7-personal-stories-2/


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