The Benefits of Yoga for Weight Loss

How you can reap the benefits of yoga and promote weight loss

Gaining a little extra weight is fairly normal in the winter months, and if you are carrying a few extra pounds then it’s time to start thinking about exercise and healthy eating to lose weight. Consider the benefits of yoga as an excellent way to kick-start a vital connection between mind body and spirit and promote weight loss.

How Yoga Supports a Healthy Mind and Body

Skin Health Hub Body Health The Benefits of Yoga for Weight LossA series of positions are performed in slow, controlled movements which are held for short periods and may be repeated several times to improve the ‘stretch’ of the movement. Yoga improves suppleness, balance and strengthens your core. The combination of muscular contraction, movement and breathing is believed to be the best form of exercise to support the lymphatic system which is responsible for waste removal, fluid balance and enhanced immunity.

The overall effect of the regular practice of yoga is a great way to support the body by cleansing the internal organs, removing stale blood and allowing fresh, oxygenated nutrient-dense blood to be absorbed.

Once you get going and you start to watch what you eat as well as exercise, you will be amazed at just how quickly the number on the scales will start to move in a downward direction. Hopefully you will choose the benefits of yoga for weight loss as well as a means of restoring the equilibrium of your mind, body and spirit.

To help keep you motivated dressing the part can make a big difference too. A variety of postures such as twisting or torso inversions designed to assist digestion, increase blood and fluid flow to transport vital nutrients into the cells and internal organs can all be fairly demanding to perform. That is why wearing clothing that is comfortable, breathes and is designed so the position of seams will not inhibit movement is paramount.

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Always check with your doctor about the benefits of Yoga for weight loss or before starting any program of exercise and healthy eating to lose weight.

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