Best Food Choices for Running for Weight Loss

There are some foods which are better to eat before you run that will give your body what it needs to perform when running whether you are running for fitness or weight loss.

Eat a Mediterranean-style diet

Best Food Choices For Running For Weight Loss


The foods in a Mediterranean-style diet, is made up of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole foods, legumes and whole grains.  These foods will ensure that your heart and circulatory system are well-prepared to deliver what you need for energy and so you can enjoy pain-free running free from  muscle cramps or joint soreness.


A Mediterranean diet focuses on healthy fats with limited amounts of saturated and Trans fats. So, whether you are running for weight loss or to keep a healthy weight a Mediterranean diet will help support your fat-burning and healthy weight efforts.

The many other benefits for eating Mediterranean-Style Foods include:


Strengthened muscles

The Mediterranean Diet delivers phytonutrients and essential minerals that have been proven to reduce muscle weakening.

Increased longevity

If running is your passion, you will want to be able to run for as much of your life as possible.  When you follow a Mediterranean-style diet, your cancer and heart disease risks drop, and your life expectancy increases.

Promotes healthy mental functions

The healthy foods in a Mediterranean Diet have also been linked to fewer mental diseases like Alzheimer’s. The Mediterranean Diet keeps your mind functioning intelligently, improving your mental running edge.

Mediterranean Diet will support you as a runner by eating the right whole foods to deliver the mental and physical health you need and get the most nutritional benefit. Even if you are a walker of a jogger, the Mediterranean diet will provide the best food choices for your overall body health, weight loss and weight maintenance.

Want some whole food cooking tips? Read our article:







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