Do Body Wraps Banish Cellulite?

Even the most dedicated health, fitness and exercise fanatics can develop cellulite.

As many as 8 out of 10 women have cellulite on those parts of the body that have fat deposits under the skin – most commonly the thighs, buttocks and hips.

Skin Health Hub Body Health Cellulite Body WrapThere are many Natural Cellulite Treatments options available to us as treatment methods which can help reduce and/or improve the appearance of the skin.

A body wrap or inch-loss (or centimetre-loss) treatment using bandages, linen, plastic, vinyl/rubber or foil can be a luxuriating way to unwind, relax, detox, slim the body and at the same time help to reduce the dimpled appearance of your skin.

Here is what to expect during a full body cellulite wrap treatment:

  1. Your therapist will accurately take your body measurements and record the statistics.
  2. Before using a body product your therapist may first exfoliate your skin to increase your circulation and assist your body absorb minerals.
  3. You will be then be wrapped from head-to-toe in layers of gauze or bandages of about 15 centimetres wide.
  4. Next, active ingredients found in marine products such as plankton or seaweed may be brushed over your body in a paste, powder, oil or solution form. Marine and volcanic mud and healing clays may be used for their therapeutic and self- heating properties. The product heats and expands as it acts as a magnet to draw out toxins and impurities from your body leaving your skin feeling deeply cleansed and detoxified.
  5. Your body may then be cocooned under layers of sheeting, foil and blankets to provide extra warmth.
  6. Some wrap treatment may require you to wear a vinyl suit and you may be taken to an exercise room to stand, walk around or do some light isometric movements. This will aid in the infusion of active ingredients and promote toxin elimination.
  7. After one hour you will be unravelled to reveal softer, firmer, toned, more compressed skin underneath.
  8. You will be re-measured and you new measurements will be recorded.

Sounds Devine doesn’t it! Plus with results typically lasting for 30 days a body wrap treatment can be a great way to motivate a new diet and exercise regime as well as extend or maintain the effects of your body wrap treatment, improve your shape and look and feel of your skin and cellulite.

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