Healthy Eating and Dining Out

Dining out doesn’t mean you have to break-out from your healthy eating regime

Skin Health Hub Body Health Healthy Eating And Dining OutHealthy eating and dining out only presents challenges if you are unprepared.

Many restaurants today post their menu on their website and social media sites which help make choosing a restaurant even easier. Add to that the many restaurant review sites and you have the answers to many of your questions before you even arrive.

One of the most important things is to never be afraid to ask how a dish is prepared, or what ingredients are used in its preparation. If the server does not know, ask them to check with the chef. A good chef will be happy to accommodate a reasonable dietary request such as a food allergy, gluten intolerance, low fat or low sodium requirements. After all, the restaurant wants your patronage.

Top tips for healthy eating in restaurants.

  • Avoid deep fried dishes. If you are unsure how a dish is prepared, don’t be afraid to ask. If a fish dish says ‘battered’ ask if it can be grilled or baked instead.
  • Choosing leaner cuts of meat and if it is not stated on the menu, ask what the portion size is in ounces so you can choose between a fillet steak and a T-bone.
  • When choosing side dishes, ask if the vegetables can be steamed as they are an excellent, low fat, low calorie choice. Try to avoid vegetables that are fried, au gratin, or prepared in cream or butter sauces.
  • When ordering salad, ask if fat free choices are available. Most restaurants have several fat free or low fat varieties of salad dressing available. If no low fat option exists, request the dressing on the side so that you can control the amount that is used.
  • When ordering soup, choose broth based soups, and avoid bisques or rich soups like cream of crab, chowder or cream of broccoli. Instead opt for a simple vegetable soup as a low fat alternative.
  • Replace French fries with healthier alternatives such as an unbuttered baked potato or boiled potatoes.
  • Sauces can be loaded with unnecessary calories. Stick with the tomato based sauces or pesto sauce and avoid cream or heavy Alfredo sauces.
  • Always choose steamed rice over stir fried rice.
  • For a lighter dessert option, choose fresh fruit or sorbet and avoid the cheese plate and traditional dessert and pudding offerings. If you must satisfy a sweet craving order one and share it.

Finally, when dining at a fast food restaurant, family restaurant chains, and fast food outlets you will notice many have listened to their customer demands for healthier menu choices and their menu’s now provide healthier alternatives, such as salads and baked potatoes, as well as prominently displaying nutritional and calorie information as well.

While dining out certainly presents challenges to those trying to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, you don’t have to lock yourself away and never go out to maintain a healthy lifestyle and with just a little preparation you can enjoy healthy eating and dining out.

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