Mastectomy Bras Online

Shopping Online for Mastectomy Bras?

The more you understand about any subject, the more informed you will be. This is particularly important when shopping online for an intimate garment such as a mastectomy bra once you have had breast surgery, whether you have had a full or radical mastectomy, partial surgery or a lumpectomy or reconstruction.

Skin Health Hub Body Health Mastectomy Bras OnlineWhile there are many bras on the market, there are only a few that can carry a breast prosthesis properly or are made from materials that will not cause unnecessary skin irritation. You should also consider that the style of bra you need will vary depending on your stage of recuperation. The good news is when you search online you’ll discover there is a great variety of styles to choose from including: everyday bras, total support bras, underwired bras and even t-shirt bras. One of the extra challenges of shopping online for a post-mastectomy bra is knowing your correct size so you can select and order a bra which will offer you the best fit.

Tips to getting the right size for your post-mastectomy bra

If you wear a breast prosthesis it is important that your bra is supporting your natural breast therefore to take your correct measurement follow the steps below:

STEP 1: Place a tape measure directly under your breast and circle around your body. This is your body size.

For Example:

Measurement 29″
Add 5″
BRA SIZE = 34″

STEP 2: Standing straight, measure directly across the fullest part of your breast from your breast bone over the nipple area. Substract the body size measurement from the second measurement and the difference will determine your cup size.

For Example if the measurement difference is:

the same as the body size, then your cup size is AA

up to 1″ larger than body size, then your cup size is A

up to 2″ larger than body size, then your cup size is B

up to 3″ larger than body size, then your cup size is C

up to 4″ larger than body size, then your cup size is D

up to 5″ larger than body size, then your cup size is DD

up to 6″ larger than body size, then your cup size is F

Whatever style you choose, selecting a bra that fits you properly will not only feel comfortable but it will make you look and feel good too!

For a comprehensive range of designs and styles of mastectomy bras choose from underwire bras, bras with moulded cups, bras with built in forms, t-shirt bras and sport bras in fabric that are versatile to wear every-day to special occasion PLUS view our selection of breast prostheses.



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