Mastectomy Bras With Built In Forms

There are many advantages to choosing a mastectomy bra with built in forms

– they can be lighter, cooler, more comfortable to wear and easier to care for too!

Skin Health Hub Body Health Mastectomy Bras With Built-in FormsBefore you choose a mastectomy bra with built in forms you may be surprised to learn of the advantages of breast forms and the ability for some forms to help you achieve a more flexible look as your requirements change.

Breast forms may be made of silicone, foam, or poly-fill material. Silicone breast forms are soft and designed to closely resemble the natural breast. Other benefits include:

• Lightweight silicone breast forms are 25%-35% lighter than standard weight silicone forms. A lightweight form of polyurethane foam can be sewn permanently into your bra.

• Breast forms are available as contact breast forms or attachable breast forms which adhere directly to the skin. Ideal if you wish to relieve pressure on the shoulders. This also gives you the choice to wear lower-cut clothing.

• Breast forms have a soft moldable back-layer inside the breast form that molds to adapt to an uneven chest wall to provide a close and gentle fit.

• Swim forms have a protective shield over the silicone to enable insertion in swimwear bras for wear in chlorine and salt water.

There are 4 shapes available in breast forms: triangle, teardrop, oval, and heart-shaped. • Triangle breast most closely resembles the mature breast with a shallow profile fit in the instance where there is more breast tissue below the nipple than above.

• The teardrop breast form tapers at the top and this shape generally allows for optimal fit and positioning.

• Oval breast forms provide a natural full profile. They also fit well in underwire and soft cup mastectomy bras.

• Heart shape breast forms are versatile too as they and can be positioned in any direction. They also fit well with underwire bras.

Getting the right shape is very dependent on what type of surgery you have had and the style you choose will need to match your natural breast shape. Choosing a mastectomy bra with built in forms could help make your decision easier and at the same time may be your best option.

For Tips to getting the right size for your post-mastectomy bra read our article on Mastectomy Bras Online



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