Micro Needling For Cellulite

Can Micro Needling Remove Cellulite?

Micro needling for cellulite offers a safe and effective method for removing and eliminating unsightly cellulite and is an alternative to other body cellulite treatments available.

How does micro needling or skin needling remove cellulite?

Skin Health Hub Body Health Micro Needling For CelluliteSkin needling causes micro injury underneath the skins surface to break up fibrous uneven tissue. This in-turn stimulates the growth of new tissue, encourages coagulation of tissue and the production of surface elastin. Over time and with continued treatments (8-10) new collagen will have formed working its way from the deeper layers of the skin to the upper layers of the skin. This will result in the skin becoming firmer and tighter and smoother at the surface so that the appearance of cellulite is less visible.

Cellulite can be treated with a hand-held tool called a derma stamp or derma roller, however if treating the buttock and thighs a derma stamp is the preferred micro needling devise as it has a larger surface area of micro needles so each application of the device covers a wider area.

The basic procedure is to grid the section you wish to treat using a yellow highlighter pen. This will ensure you cover the entire area and your system of stamping is thorough. For the treatment of cellulite, generally 3 passes will be required with an overlapping of 20-25% each stamp. If you stamp horizontally on the first pass, stamp vertically on the second and on your third pass stamp in a diagonal direction. Derma stamping is this manner is also effective in treating other conditions such as deep acne scars or other deep scars, zones with wide pores, or wrinkles.

Additional Benefits Of Micro Needling For Cellulite

• Micro needling increases the absorption of moisturizing skin creams. Delivering vital nutrients more quickly into the deeper layers of skin helps speed up the renewal and rejuvenation process leading to plumper more hydrated, smoother, softer skin.

• Micro needling reduces pore size and improves general blood circulation in the skin.

Now that you understand that micro needling is quick and easy to use, is a safe non-invasive treatment because it requires no cutting and the procedure leaves no scars, has no side-effects and therefor does not require you to take any time off work, you will be amazed to learn that you can achieve these results in the privacy of your own home! Home hand-held micro needling devices such as the derma stamp discussed here today are now available for home-use.

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