Most Effective Cellulite Treatments

Seeking effective cellulite treatments because you are bothered by how it looks?

Whilst maintaining a healthy weight range (no yo-yo dieting) with regular exercise focusing on strengthening the muscles of the legs, thighs and buttocks, will improve the appearance of cellulite by helping keep the body taut and smooth and toned, sometimes diet and exercise is simply not enough.

However, along with current treatments such as: massage, body wraps, creams, and or supplements, reducing your cellulite may be helped further by exploring the new range of cellulite treatments.

New ways to treat cellulite.

Skin Health Hub Body Health Cellulite TreatmentsHere is our guide to some of the non-surgical body contouring technologies available today.

• Radiofrequency body contouring targets the underlying fat and tissues. Heat generated from the RF energy causes microscopic changes to the tissues and collagen fibres. Fat cells are broken down and are drained via the lymphatic system. Results can be seen from a single treatment.

• Ultrasound body contouring uses ultrasound frequencies to break down stubborn areas of localized fatty deposits and is particularly successful on areas of the body that have not responded to changes in diet and exercise such as the abdomen, thighs and ‘love handles’. A series of treatments are recommended.

• Laser fat and cellulite reduction treatment combine an intensity laser wavelength with the use of a rolling applicator devise with suction. This combined therapy stimulates blood circulation in tissues whilst the laser targets stiff, fibrous tissue under the skin. Typically eight treatments are required.

• Fractionated Laser therapy is used to stimulate the healing and restructuring of the skin to improve overall skin tone and texture.

• LED therapy – treatment with light emitting diodes works by delivering light at certain wavelengths to stimulate cellular activity and collagen production in the dermis.

• Cryolipolysis – Cold body contouring therapy uses almost-freezing temperatures to target fat cells under the skin. Two to three treatments are recommended.

Although these therapies are typically performed by a therapist at a skin or beauty clinic technical advances have been made in the “Home-care” arena so now you can limit the number of clinic visits or maintain the health, texture and tone of your skin in the privacy and comfort of your own home. The Wellbox Lipomassage Cellulite & Fat Reduction & Anti-Wrinkle Device is one such home hand-held device that we love at skinhealthhub.

This electrically powered device uses mechanical rolled technology to massage the skin to fight cellulite and fat on a cellular and structural level whilst improving lymphatic and local blood circulation resulting in a smoother, softer, more even-textured, toned skin.

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Controlling your diet, keeping your body hydrated, not smoking, exercising to strengthen your core are all ways to keep cellulite at bay. Although genetics does seem to play a part in whether or not you have or will get cellulite there are an increasing number of treatment options avail to you so you can find your perfect solution.

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