Reduce Stress

Is it possible to reduce stress in our busy lives?

The answer is, YES. We can definitely reduce stress and learn to read the signals our body sends out to indicate you may be stressed. Not only will it help you in your everyday life but it will also benefit you in the long run as you become more in tune with your body.

Skin Health Hub Body Health Reduce StressHow to read the stress signals that you need to slow down.

1. How does your skin look? If your complexion looks dull and you are suffering from an outburst of spots or blotches then stress could be contributing to your inflamed skin and be prematurely aging your skin. Stress elevates the level of the hormone cortisol in the blood, which contributes to collagen breakdown.

2. Are you experiencing mood swings? If you find yourself being less tolerant of things or others, you are more short tempered, feel irritated or frazzled it could be you are under pressure and are stressed.

3. Have you recently put on weight? When you are stressed the increased level of the hormone cortisol also signals to your body to store fat – particularly around your middle so if you have been relying on comfort food you may need to take stock and break your stress-eating cycle.

4. Are you having trouble sleeping? It may be time to establish a new bed-time regime and start to wind down before you go to bed. To get you mind and body relaxed turn off the TV, computer or tablet and read a book instead. Listen to music, take a hot bath or relax by practicing deep breathing.

5. Are you experiencing tension headaches or neck and back pain? If your stress levels are high then mental tension can lead to muscular tension in your neck and shoulders and back.

Learning to listen to your body is the first step in being able to reduce stress once it is present. It is normal to experience times of stress throughout many stages of our lives. If however you feel anxious or stressed on more days than not you may need to discuss your concerns with your doctor.

For practical methods and ways to reduce and manage stress and anxiety read our article “Reduce Anxiety” to learn more.


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