Simple Weight Loss Plan

When making changes to your lifestyle by changing your diet it is important to not expect too much from yourself too soon or set unrealistic goals for yourself.

Here is a simple weight loss plan you can start straight away that can help you feel fuller for longer, stop you from over-eating, increase your metabolism and help your body burn calories faster.

Eat small, frequent meals to regulate your blood sugar

Simple Weight Loss Plan

Eating five small-serving meals per day rather than three hearty meals per day means you eat more frequently, and your servings will be smaller. This helps control and maintains your blood sugar level, so you won’t have any sudden drops or spikes, which is often a signal to us to eat.

Another reason to eat small frequent meals is that, Cortisol, the stress hormone, also rises after we don’t eat for a few hours and this can cause us to make bad food choices to counteract the feeling of stress. Follow these simple tips for more weight loss success:


  1. Drink lots of water.

Your body needs sufficient water to burn fat and keep your cells hydrated and healthy. Aim to drink 35ml of water for every kilogram of your body weight.  You can achieve your daily target by consuming soups and drinking green teas and herbal teas.

2. Expand your palate.

Try different foods on a regular basis. You may find that the broccoli you despised as a kid is actually now one of your favorite vegetables. Keep your taste buds tantalized to keep things from getting boring.

3. Avoid too much sugar.

Only use Xylitol or Stevia as a sweetener and avoid energy drinks, sodas and alcohol.

4. Watch your fat intake.

There is such a thing as healthy fats. Avocados, olives, walnuts, soy and linseed and canola oil are examples of plant-based sources of Omega-3. These sources of “good oils” are polyunsaturated, which means, when they are eaten as part of a balanced diet, they help to reduce your risk of heart disease.

5. Limit carbohydrates

Limit rice, pasta, cereals and potatoes to one serving per day. For example if you have oats for breakfast you must choose healthy meal plans which are carb-free options for lunch and dinner.

6. Eat oily fish

Plan to consume 2 servings of 100g portions of salmon, trout or mackerel.  If you are vegetarian, add a tablespoon of flaxseed oil to your meals every day.

7. Increase your activity.

You don’t need to sign up for the gym or take exercise classes to increase your activity. Walk whenever you can, take the stairs instead of the lift or elevator, do the household chores with vigour and more often. Before you know it, you will be shedding pounds without realizing it.

8. Set realistic goals for yourself.

It does not matter how much weight you plan or need to lose. What is important is that you start slow.

When you start to eat healthy, drink lots of water, have enough sleep and increase your activity you will have a higher chance of losing weight, keeping it off and improving your health.

Want some tips to help you stay motivated? Read our article “Believe in Yourself for Weight Loss Success”.

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