Tone and Strengthen Your Body by Exercising Smarter

For a healthier mind and body – tone and strengthen your body by exercising smarter

You don’t need to put in hours at the gym to get fit. It is now widely believed that it’s not the duration of the workout that matters it’s the intensity of how you exercise that matters more.

Ways to boost the intensity of your exercising safely

Skin Health Hub Body Health Tone And Strengthen Your Body By Exercising Smarter1. Warm up first

Warming-up for two to five minutes will help you avoid injury. Try two minutes of fast skipping or two to five minutes of step-ups or run up the stairs and walk back down as many times as you can in two minutes.

2. Change your exercises

After an intense workout your body needs 24 to 48 hours to recover. That is why it is recommended that you don’t do the same exercise on consecutive days. Change your activity or exercise every second day.

3. Don’t push yourself too quickly. You really need to maintain your level of activity for two to four weeks before increasing the resistance, repetition or speed.

4. Warm down

No matter what intense activity you are doing, try not to stop abruptly, instead gradually slow down over two to five minutes.

5. Don’t cause yourself pain

Intense exercise requires effort, but it should not be painful

That leads us to what form of activity to do. So, think about what you like to do the most and start from there.

For the runners: For three times a week, run at a hard pace for four minutes or do 30-second running sprints up an incline with 90-second rests in-between.

For the cyclists: Do 30-second sprints on the bike or exercise bike resting for 90- seconds in-between.

For those who love variety: Try this circuit routine of exercises for 30 seconds with only 10 second breaks in-between: jumping jacks, wall sits, tricep dips, step-ups, push-ups, crunches, plank, side plank, high knee running on the spot, lunges and squats.

Remember, if your objective is to shed kilos then your focus should be on increasing the work rate of your heart and lungs. Apply these quick intensity exercises and you will find you will tone and strengthen your body in no time.

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