Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

Regardless of what type of cosmetic surgery procedure you have, you need to consider your recovery time.

Post-operative care is extremely important to the successful outcome of your cosmetic surgery so you need to know about the various recovery options which can improve your comfort and healing.

Skin Health Hub Cosmetic Surgery Cosmetic Surgery RecoveryWearing quality compression garments for your cosmetic surgery recovery can expedite the recovery process by increasing blood flow to the treated area, reducing the propensity of swelling and bruising whilst providing optimal support during your healing phase.

The textiles used in the making of compression garments are hygienic as they are designed to evaporate body moisture keeping you cool and dry and at the same time will prevent any bacteria from forming. Not only that, you will find the fabric feels soft and gentle to the skin and is surprisingly comfortable to wear.

The range of compression garments for your cosmetic surgery recovery include:

Surgical Bras

Surgical bras can be worn for recovery from breast augmentation, breast reduction, mastopexy or breast lift, and breast reconstruction.

Typically bras will have no underwire, have front fastening and shoulder fastening and are designed to provide support, life and compression.

In the case of a breast augmentation the additional support of a compression belt is recommended to help counter the risk of implant displacement. The compression belt enables the implant to settle more quickly into the tissue pocket and promotes a smoother result.

View our selection of post-surgery compression bras over at the SkinHealthShop:
Skin Health – Products – Post Surgery Garments

Body Contouring Garments

A range of girdle compression garments are worn to improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of fluid accumulation following an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) or liposuction.

View our selection of mid body, full body compression garments along with abdominal binders, arm compression sleeves and arm, back and shoulder compression garments here:
Skin Health Shop – Products – Cosmetic Surgery Post Surgery Garments

Facial Support Garments

After face or neck surgery the movement of facial muscles need to be restricted. This can be achieved with the wearing of facial compression and chin support garments where compression is again needed to regulate blood flow and accelerate the healing process.

View our range of products at: Skin Health Shop – Products – Post Surgery Cosmetic Garments

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