Post Surgery and Post Op Bra

The Importance of Post Op Bra with Your Post Surgery

Your recovery is paramount in the days following breast surgery, breast augmentation or radiotherapy. Wearing the correct garment can accelerate your healing, provide you with the correct support and comfort whilst being gentle on your skin when it is still sensitive.

Why a regular bra does not provide the right support.

Skin Health Hub Cosmetic Surgery Post Surgery and Post Op BraCompression garments are designed to regulate blood flow, reduce swelling and bruising and help prevent any sagging in the skin after an operation. Their function is to firmly press the skin and underlying tissue together and in the case of breast augmentation, post-surgical bra’s provide the correct amount of support to guard against risk of implant displacement. Wearing a regular bra or sports bra will not be strong enough to provide the support required after breast augmentation.

Typically a post-operative bra is required to be worn 24/7 for up to six weeks post surgery. Ideally the bra design you choose should have a front-fastening to enable you to easily remove it for showering.

In addition to the bra, a breast Implant stabilizer band can be worn to help stabilize and position the implant and avoid any occurrence of the implant shifting or rotating from its intended position – particularly within the first two weeks following surgery.

Although functionality should be your first consideration comfort will follow a close second. Choose a garment that is woven from using the latest micro-fiber textiles and are latex free to reduce risk of irritation due to your skin being more sensitive post surgery.

At we have sourced a reputable range of bestselling garments from ‘Anita’ and ‘Anita Active’ to make your decision of choosing a post surgery and post op bra easy and help optimize your recovery.


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