The Pros and Cons of Having Cosmetic Surgery

What are the Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Surgery?

Skin Health Hub Cosmetic Surgery The Pros and Cons of Having Cosmetic SurgeryMost of us secretly love looking at the before and after photographs of celebrities online and in glossy magazines who have undergone amazing physical transformations from having gone under the knife. Cosmetic surgery is now more accessible, affordable and acceptable than ever before, if we believe what we see in the media the benefits to how your physical appearance looks can be hard to ignore.

Yet cosmetic surgery does present significant risks and obstacles that cannot be ignored. Only by weighing the pros and cons of having cosmetic surgery can you determine if having a cosmetic surgery procedure is the right choice for you.

The Pros

Cosmetic surgery reshapes the body to improve the appearance of a natural body line. Cosmetic surgery can not only reduce signs of aging, but can also repair damage caused by trauma, illness, infection or developmental abnormalities. It can also have a strong positive effect on an individual’s psychological health as the results will enhance areas that an individual finds unattractive or undesirable.

Other psychological benefits can include increased self-esteem and self-confidence; alleviate feelings of a negative self-image and even depression.

The Cons

Cosmetic surgery can be costly. Most insurance companies will not cover the costs of an elected surgical procedure, so it is likely you will bear the full cost of the surgery. A single procedure can cost well into the thousands of dollars, whereas multiple surgical procedures will cost far in excess of that.

Cosmetic surgery is an invasive procedure requiring a general anaesthetic. As well as cutting and forcibly manipulate structures of the body into shape Surgeons bend, stretch and chisel away bone – all this can cause undue stress on the body.

The recovery period after cosmetic surgery will vary from person to person and procedure to procedure, however most patients can expect to experience pain and discomfort, bruising, swelling, and stiffness post procedure. Many patients will need to take time away from work and cease normal activities and sporting activities during the recovery period. Home assistance may also be required for a few days after surgery to help take care of daily activities.

Although advancements in medical technologies mean many procedures are relatively safe, the potential for serious complications can and do occur. Nerve damage, scarring, infection, and chronic pain although rare, are some of the serious risks associated with any surgery.

No matter what your reason is for wanting cosmetic surgery, research will help you gather the pros and cons of having cosmetic surgery. A great resource which combines information in one place is an e-Book entitled: “Plastic Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery –Be Prepared. This guide will help you understand what some of the most popular procedures are, what they entail, what the risks and complications are and how you can be fully prepared for you consultation with your surgeon and feel confident about the questions you will need to ask.

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