The Real Costs of Having Cosmetic Surgery Overseas

Are you looking to undergo cosmetic surgery?  The cost could be one of the biggest factors which will determine whether you proceed.  If you are concern about cost and you are on a budget then you might want to consider the real costs of having cosmetic surgery overseas.

Is cosmetic surgery really cheaper overseas?  Yes and No.

The Real Costs Of Cosmetic Surgery

Once you start researching on the internet you will find many qualified cosmetic surgeons overseas with a reputation for producing quality, amazing, and flawless results.


The only difference is that the surgical procedures do not cost the same as the cost of living and the cost of goods and services differ from that of your home country.


Although the difference in price can be quite significant and therefor appealing, before you start making your travel arrangements and book your surgery consultation you need to examine more than just the cost of the surgery.

You will also need to consider the time that it will take to research, get a passport, make the  airline reservations, can you travel alone or will you need a travel companion to accompany you, what transportation arrangements are required and what are the costs of renting a car or hiring a taxi,  how many night’s stay you will need at your hotel to comply with rest and re-cooperation instructions and post-surgery checkups, return visits if additional work is needed, or if complications arise.

Other aspects which need to be taken into consideration, when examining cosmetic surgery abroad, are;

  • How much time of work will you need and can this be extended if necessary?
  • Your Health and Safety

Not all countries have the same medical standards, rules, and restrictions that the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, parts of Europe, Australia and New Zealand does.  Carefully consider any increased risk to your health and chance of complications when making your decision.

All of these factors can impact the real costs of having cosmetic surgery overseas. To help you further in your decision making process you can purchase our eBook – “Plastic Surgery Cosmetic Surgery – Be Prepared” so that you can be fully prepared and feel confident about your decision to undergo a cosmetic surgery procedure overseas. Visit:




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