What’s New In Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

The advancements in cosmetic and plastic surgery are continually evolving, some of the emerging ‘trends’ may even seem a little bizarre but are now considered what’s new in cosmetic and plastic surgery.
Whats New In Cosmetic And Plastic Surgery

Hand and Toe Lifts

Facial fillers such as Radiesse and Juvaderm Voluma are being used to inject the hands of brides-to-be.  Why, so their hands look younger, less bony and veiny in close-up photographs!
The effects from a 10 minute procedure can last up to 9 months.  Toes are also being injected to re-shape unsightly toes.

Bra Line Back Lift

This procedure removes any unsightly rolls of fat on the back around the bra line. The result is a smoother contour line and the surgical scar is hidden in the bra line.

Jawline Reduction

Muscle relaxants such as Dysport and Botox are being injected to decrease the size of the masseter muscle which is responsible for the width of a jawline. The muscle relaxants cause the muscle to weaken and atrophy.  To maintain the look of a slimmer jawline follow-up injections are required at regular intervals.


Tiny incisions are made on the inside of the mouth. A small suture is placed between the buccinators muscle and cheek to create a fake dimple.

Lobe Lift

Hyaluronic acid fillers can rejuvenate a sagging earlobe and lift the ears.  With effects lasting for up to a year, you only have to remember to not wear heavy earrings.

Chin Implants

This procedure is becoming more and more popular for men who want to achieve a square, masculine jawline.  As an alternative to implants, for women who are looking to strengthen the look of a weak chin, injections of Radiesse or Artfill can provide the answer.

Whatever you reason for wanting to undergo cosmetic surgery, it is important that you take steps to thoroughly research into what’s new in cosmetic and plastic surgery. It’s also a good idea to schedule a couple of consultation appointments with different surgeons before making any decision.

For more understanding and help you prepare for you consultation read our article:

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What’s New In Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery
The advancements in cosmetic and plastic surgery are continually evolving, some of the emerging ‘t [more]