Food Allergies

Increasing numbers of children and adults suffer from food allergies.

Skin Health Hub Food AllergiesTheir symptoms can vary in severity from moderate, severe to being life-threatening.

In children the most common foods identified to cause an allergic reaction are: peanuts, milk, eggs, wheat, shellfish, soy and tree nuts. In many adult cases an allergic reaction can occur as a result of a continued childhood allergy, or from a new sensitivity that has developed.

What a food allergy is, how it affects the body, how to identify likely allergy triggers, where to attain an accurate diagnosis and uncovering the medical and alternative treatments options are discussed to help those afflicted, manage,reduce or eliminate future risks associated their food allergy.

For more information on how the body reacts when exposed to a food allergen plus information on current diagnostics, testing and treatment, visit:

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