Allergy to Soy

Facts About Soy Allergy

Having an allergy to soy is similar to any other allergy, whereby contact with this food protein type results in the immune system falsely recognizing the protein as a threat, and as such activate its systems in an attempt to combat it.

Skin Health Hub Food Allergies Allergy To SoyThe symptoms you may experience with a soy allergy may be nausea, diarrhea, stomach ache, wheezing, hives, a runny nose or watery eyes.

Common Soy Sources In Food

If you are allergic to Soy it may be necessary for you to avoid any food product containing the offending material. Soy protein may be present in many pre-packaged foods, food additives, flavorings and canned foods so it pays to check the ingredients on the labeling before you buy to check for soy.

Soy is typically more benign than most other forms of food allergies with larger amounts needing to be ingested for soy to elicit a reaction from the body’s immune system than other types of food allergens, where only a few mg elicit an adverse reaction from the body.

Although having an allergic reaction to soy may require you to learn how to modify your diet, it may depend your individual case as to the severity so in order to make sure that you won’t have unpleasant reactions when you accidentally consume soy products you should consult with a doctor or immunologist to test and come up with a diet and treatment plan that is tailored for you.

After all, your allergy to soy need not be debilitating or greatly affect your everyday life. If you would like to learn how others are coping and learning to live with their food allergy read our eBook “Life with Food Allergies” visit: and be inspired by the tips that the seven contributors to the book provide to help making your life easier.

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