Baby Food Allergies

Facts on Food Allergies in Babies

Baby food allergies should not be confused with food intolerance. A baby with food intolerance would have difficulty in digesting a particular type of food, which can be caused by many other things besides an allergen.

Prevent baby food allergies by following our guidelines.

Skin Health Hub Food Allergies baby Food Allergies1. Try to delay feeding your baby solid food until he/she is at least 6 months of age. Your baby’s immune system will be better developed by this stage.

2. Only introduce one new food at a time and wait for a few days to see if a reaction occurs. It will then be easy to spot the “problem” food and eliminate it from your baby’s diet.

3. Avoid foods that are known to be more likely to cause allergic reactions. Examples of such foods include eggs (particularly the whites), shellfish, gluten and citrus fruits.

4. Do you suffer from an allergy yourself? Your baby may be at a higher risk of having or developing an allergy.

5. Discuss any concerns with a medical professional.

Although it is sensible to be cautious when introducing new solid foods to your baby, in reality, food allergies only affect around 8% of children.

These simple steps can help you minimise potential problems and make your child’s introduction to solid food a safe and happy one.

Learn about what foods you should introduce to your baby and at what age by reading “Baby Food And Baby Health Essential Guide” available over at Skin Health Shop.

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