Food Allergy Testing

The testing of your suspected food allergy begins with a thorough consultation with your food allergist.

Skin Health Hub Food Allergy Food Allergy TestingYou will be required to provide a detailed written food history and you should include information about any reactions that have occurred when you consumed certain foods.

Your family history will also be taken into consideration and a physical examination will be conducted to identify signs of allergic disease.

Next, Food Allergy Testing in the form of a prick skin test and ImmunoCAP, a blood-based test may be taken. The prick allergy skin test is helpful in ruling out an allergy.

A positive skin test confirms with 95% accuracy that you have an allergy to the specific food whereas the ImmunoCAP testing that involves testing a small amount of blood is typically used to track food allergies over time.   Both methods of testing however are not able to predict how severe your food allergy is or will be.

When a food allergy is suspected, the best way to prevent reactions in the future is to avoid the food and eliminate it from your diet.   Your practitioner will also provide you with instructions and extensive education regarding food avoidance and teach you how to manage accidental exposures and reactions and discuss emergency medications such as the use of oral antihistamines and auto-injectable epinephrine.

A follow up appointment should also be scheduled at this time to review any new health concerns.

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