Gluten Intolerance

Living with Gluten Intolerance

Skin Health Hub Food Allergies Gluten IntoleranceWhen you are diagnosed with having a gluten intolerance or hypersensitivity, educating yourself and learning about the foods you can and can’t eat and which ingredients you need to avoid can seem overwhelming at first.

The good news is; shopping for groceries is becoming easier as food manufacturers adhere to labeling laws and provide adequate ingredient information on their packaging you can now safely purchase products labeled ‘gluten free’ which means they contain no detectable gluten.

In many instances, you can find ‘substitutes’ for your favorite foods, this means you won’t feel like you are missing out.

For instance, you can make crumbed chicken that you would once bread with a gluten flour and substitute it using squashed rice grain rather than the customary wheat flour covering. You can create your own pizza toppings using gluten free bases and you may also find your favourite sweet treats and cakes taste better ‘gluten free’.

You may need to plan your weekly meals and write a shopping list of the ingredients you will need ahead of time and you may also need to become a little more creative in the kitchen, but with a little trial and error, you will find it does get easier.

Here is a list of gluten free foods:

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