Hay Fever Symptoms

Hay fever symptoms vary in severity from person to person.

Some symptoms cause sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, swelling and inflammation of the nasal passages, nasal congestion and an excess of mucus production. Some suffers may experience swelling of the eyelid and lower eyelid or middle ear infection and some individuals with a sensitized immune system may find their symptoms manifest in the form of hives or other rashes.

Skin Health Hub Food Allergies Hay Fever SymptomsHay fever or allergic rhinitis reactions can happen during specific periods of the year when symptoms are triggered by the pollens of specific seasonal plants or there are also perennial allergies that can happen no matter what day of the year.

All allergy attacks are triggered by an allergen, which is the substance that your body recognizes as an outside threat and attempts to block it by releasing inflammatory mediators such as histamine.


Diagnosis of Hay Fever

A simple evaluation by your doctor of your symptoms can define the best way on how to diagnose if you have allergic rhinitis. Be prepared to provide your doctor with some medical background and history on your symptoms, such as when it started, which periods of the year it occurs, and any other heredity factors.

Your doctor may also recommend allergy tests (patch test or scratch test) to determine the specific allergens you are sensitive to. Once completed, you and your doctor can plan a way on how to treat your hay fever, either with medication, allergen avoidance, and possibly immunotherapy to lessen the severity of your symptoms.

The most effective treatment of your hay fever symptoms may be to avoid being exposed to the allergen that triggers your hay fever altogether. But, this is not always possible or practical.

Read more of our tips for ways for you to get hay fever relief so that you can enjoy the fresh air and outdoors this spring and summer.


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