Traveling With Your Food Allergy Medications

Your food allergy does not mean you need to lock yourself away, never walk out your front door and never have a vacation.  With some careful planning there is no reason why you can’t enjoy traveling.

Even when traveling by air you will be permitted to bring your medications such as your EpiPen (epinephrine auto injector) through security and on board the plane in your hand luggage.

Traveling With Food Allergy Medications

When traveling with any prescribed medications, you need to make sure the medications are clearly labeled or that you carry the necessary documentation such as the prescription or a letter from your doctor on their official letterhead that states your medical condition, vital statistics and list of required medications.

Traveling with medication in liquid form is a bit trickier. You will need to check the airlines travel rules regarding the regulation pertaining to liquids,
as you may need to declare the medications at the security checkpoint and present appropriate documentation to satisfy the airlines regulations.

If your medication comes in a special bag, this is generally not counted towards your carry-on baggage allowance. This is because medicines are considered a necessity so they are exempted from the airline carry-on baggage allowance rules.

Always check with the individual airline carrier in relation to their rules regarding prescription medications and other necessary medical items.
When you are organized and prepared you can relax and enjoy traveling with your food allergy mediations – where ever it is you want to travel in the world.

For information to help you maintain a quality of life despite your food allergy read our article “Quality Of Life With Allergies.”


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