Skin Art

Your Skin and Skin Art

Skin Health Hub Skin ArtThe health of your body and skin is also important in today’s society where tattoos, piercings, body jewelery, and other trends such as: implantation, scarification, branding, braiding and three-dimensional art are concerned.

If you want to protect the condition of your tattoo so that it stays healthy and vibrant in colour it will depend on how well it is taken care of after it is completed.

Another factor to consider is how your tattoo and or piercing and skin will look as you age. This will also depend on how well the skin is taken care of over time, as wind, sun, water, aging and stretching skin affects the tattoo’s colour, clarity and its general look over time.

When you visit a tattoo artist in their studio, before you are inked or pierced it is important to understand the need to protect your skin from the toxicity of substances used in the inks to do your tattoo art.

This section on skin art aims to provide the answers to questions such as: the importance of protecting your skin with sunscreen before your next tattoo and for the long term condition of your tattoo and understanding the health risks associated with the natural toxicity of some substances used in tattoo ink.

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