Body Piercing Post Care

The Importance of Body Piercing Post Care

Protecting the health of your skin continues even after you have had a body piercing, implantation, scarification, branding, braiding or three-dimensional art.  Your post-piercing care is just as important as pre-piercing care.

Here are our recommendations for your optimum skin health: Post Piercing Care

Body Piercing Post Care

  • Until the piercing has completely healed, do not remove jewelry or change it. The area will be completely healed when there is no residue or discharge and when swelling, pain and redness in the area has completely gone.
  • Swelling and pain which can run for 2 to 3 weeks after a piercing is normal. But optimum care is needed to avoid infection. The pierced part must be kept clean and must not be in contact with dirt. During this period, maintain good hygiene practices by always wearing clean clothes and use clean sheets to sleep.  Eat healthy food to increase resistance, avoid drinking and smoking and get enough rest.
  • Do not pick or scratch the pierced area as this might lead to complicating the healing process.
  • Body piercings which may require special care are oral piercings in the tongue, chin, lips or genitals.  These areas can be particularly susceptible to germs and infection.
  • Bellybutton and upper ear piercings are especially prone to problems. Bellybutton piercings for instance can take a year to heal as the area is more susceptible to infection and in the case of the upper ear, infection of the cartilage can lead to necrosis, or death of the cartilage, and collapse of the upper ear.

Studies show that the most common problems that develop following a body piercing procedure are infection or scarring. With more and more people going under the gun understanding these risks and following pre and post piercing care guidelines will help minimize any potentially painful complications.

Remember, just like any other health concerns—prevention is better than cure.

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