Minimizing The Pain Of Tattoos

Are you worried about pain when getting a Tattoo?

No matter what you may hear, there really is no way to predict the amount of pain that you’ll experience when getting a tattoo. For some it may not hurt you as much as they thought, for others, it will hurt you more than they thought possible.

Skin Health Hub Skin Art Minimizing The Pain Of TattoosThe reality is tattoos involve piercing into skin, which almost always involves pain. No matter how big or how small the tattoo is or where it is located, you can expect to feel some pain. The overall amount of pain you experience though, all depends on your tolerance.

When you get a tattoo, the outline of the tattoo is easily the most painful, as the needles need to be inserted fairly deeply to create a black line so that it stands out. The shading of the tattoo normally isn’t painful, although it depends on the penetration depth and effect that you want.

Normally, the pain you feel is a slight burn or scratching feeling. If the tattoo is going to be on an area where there is less bone and tissue such as the wrist or chest, the pain will be a bit more intense. Areas like the arms and legs however, normally aren’t that painful as these areas have more tissue and muscle which lessens the amount of pain you generally feel.

When you’re about to undergo a painful procedure such as getting a large tattoo, sensitive body piercings you want a way to help minimize the pain by applying a topical numbing cream prior to your procedure to help make the experience as pleasant as possible.

At we have sourced a topical numbing cream with two powerful numbing agents, lidocaine and prilocaine as key components to the formula to create a powerful numbing cream to give you maximum relief from the pain and discomfort associated with getting a tattoo or sensitive body piercing.


You no longer have to endure the process of getting a tattoo, now by applying a topical numbing cream you’ll feel comfortable and pain free.

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