Tattoo Designs For Women

How many inked women do you see around you these days?

The women adorning themselves with tattoo designs are not limited to women who are musicians, reality stars or actresses. Society has learned to accept inked women – tattoos have transcended gender.

Skin Health Hub Skin Art Tattoo Designs for WomenBut when it comes to tattoo designs, women have their own distinct taste.

This is when you see a woman’s imagination come into play. As opposed to how men choose their tattoos, women usually opt for designs that reflect their personality or at least how they feel at the moment they decided to get one done.

Interestingly, here are the top ten most requested tattoo designed by women who want to get inked.

1. Stars – These wispy designs fall well in the category that all women love. Not only does it bring their imagination into play but it reminds them that wishes do come true.

2. Butterfly – Whether they are cartoonish or a real looking one, it always represents a woman’s idea of getting themselves free.

3. Fairies – They are always the better, more mystic versions of the butterflies. Who wouldn’t want to be the one that makes dreams come true?

4. Script – Every family member especially her kids will always mean more to a woman than anything else.

5. Symbols – A number of symbols including Zodiac, religious and Zibu are included in the list of tattoos most women want to have.

6. Flowers – There is nothing more representative of a woman than a flower. Luckily, there is a wide array of flower of options to choose from.

7. Birds – Such tattoos usually mean peace, hope, new beginnings and even love. Indeed, they speak of what every woman has in her heart.

8. Angels – The amount of detail needed for every angel wing can require a meticulous eye but the after product can be very nice to look at too.

9. Skulls – Skulls are a very popular choice. They never get too old too. It may be popular among men but it definitely made to the list of tattoos for women.

10. Hearts – Who doesn’t like a heart tattoo if it reminds you of what everyone needs – love?

If you could choose a tattoo, which one would you like to have?

For more information read Sexy Women Tattoos.


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