Laser Treatments For Common Skin Conditions

How to improve common skin conditions with laser treatments?

Are you someone who takes pride in their appearance and wants to improve and correct a skin problem or simply treat anti-ageing concerns then you may find laser treatment for common skin conditions to be the most effective treatment.

Skin Health Hub Skin Conditions Laser Treatment For Common Skin ConditionsWhat are the common skin conditions which can be improved?

• Ugly blemishes
• Acne and impure skin
• Prematurely aging skin
• Sun damaged skin
• Dull, blotchy, uneven coloured skin
• Unsightly lines and wrinkles
• Scars
• Pigmentation including freckles
• Enlarged pores
• Blackheads and milia (whiteheads)
• Coarse skin
• Cellulite
• Stretch marks or loss of elasticity on upper arms, thighs and stomach

Because laser and light-based therapies have continually evolved over recent years it can be confusing to know which light-based therapy to choose. It will all depend on whether you want to treat wrinkles, pigmentation, scars and stretch marks, remove a tattoo or reduce unwanted hair. To help clarify the differences light-based treatments are broadly categorized as laser, IPL, LED and photodynamic therapies.

Lasers operate in one of two principal modes. The first is Continuous Wave or CW which refers to a continuous laser beam and the second mode refers to a pulsed mode where the laser energy is delivered in very short bursts.

The main differences between lasers have to do with the wavelength of light that is emitted and different wavelengths can target different concerns. For example melanin is the target chromophore to treat pigmentation or hair and blood is the target to treat spider veins capillaries and rosacea and water is the target to resurface the skin and treat wrinkles.

Light Emitting Diode (LED) is considered a gentler treatment than IPL as it works shallower. The different colors used treat different concerns – red to treat acne, blue to treat bacteria and yellow to reduce redness. LED light triggers natural chemical processes inside targeted cells to boost the body’s own collagen production, rejuvenate skin and treat acne

Photodynamic therapy (PDT) uses a chemical reaction activated by light energy (LED light or laser) to selectively destroy tissues. Effective in treating sunspots, certain types of skin cancer, rosacea and acne.

The benefits to using laser treatments to repair reduce and eliminate skin conditions mean that correction, anti-aging and prevention is more achievable that ever before.

Advancements in technologies now mean salon professional results can be achieved in the privacy of your own home using a simple and affordable light therapy hand held device called Silk’n FaceFx Anti-Aging LED.

Now laser treatments for common skin conditions to correct imperfections and improve the overall look and feel of your skin can be achieved with this technology to produce long-lasting visible results.


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