Treating Body Acne

Although acne on the back is also caused from excess sebum and dead cells being trapped in the follicles; the skin on the back is tougher – which makes it tougher to treat. The sebaceous glands are larger on the back which is why they produce more oil. Large, hard fluid-filled lumps tend to form underneath the surface of the skin and these cysts can be quite painful.  In this article we explore the ways to treat more resistance body acne on the back.


Back Acne Treatments

Treating Body Acne

  • Using a body wash and brush and/or body scrub several times per week can be effective in deep cleansing the skin. However never exfoliate over inflamed acne or active pustules, wait until the  outbreak has subsided before exfoliating.
  • Apply body masks to help soothe and control acne.
  • Take herbal steam baths to clear the pores.
  • Apply a skin peel with salicylic acid and glycolic acid. However, do not use these together retinoid products.





When body acne is serious

For more serious body acne see a dermatologist.

There are times when antibiotics and other medications that can be  prescribed by dermatologists is the best solution for back acne. Antibiotics are used to reduce the bacteria and inflammation in the infected acne.

The most common antibiotic used for systemic treatments  are Tetracyclines.  Use of antibotics for the treatment of systemic acne  are used for short periods only so that a resistance to antibiotics does not  develop.

An  example of an oral treatment is Isotretinoin, or Retinoic acid (Accutane). Accutane is effective in about two-thirds of the patients who use it to treat more severe cystic acne. It is also used for acne that is unresponsive to other treatments.

Sometimes hormone therapy is given in conjunction with acne treatments to restore hormonal imbalances that cause acne in men and women.

There are topical antibiotics and Sulfur Drugs that can also be given to treat body acne. Erythromycin, Clindamycin, and Sulfa Drugs are some of the effective topical medications when applied directly to the lesions are effective in reducing the lesions.

In addition to using a medicated cleanser or body wash on your body and trying some of the back acne treatments we have listed here, remember that irritation is another factor with back acne as your clothes will rub constantly on the acne lesions, irritate them and make them worse.   Wearing natural fiber garments made of 100% cotton, micro-fiber wool and silk will be more comfortable than synthetic fabrics.

Treating body acne with the right acne medications and treatments is important. For more information read:

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