Skin Health

As your body’s largest organ, looking after your skin health is important.

Skin Health Hub Healthy SkinYour skin plays a diverse and essential role in protecting and maintaining your body’s ability to stabilize its internal environment.

It also responds to changes in external conditions caused by environmental factors all of which contribute to damaging your skin and accelerating the aging process.

Controlling healthy aging – known as intrinsic aging, can be achieved by stabilizing the skin’s pH, removing dead skin cells, protecting the skin from the sun, limiting exposure to environmental elements.

You can also look at preventing other causes known to accelerate premature aging such as: smoking, a poor diet, lack of exercise and stress.

This simple three step process forms the basis to achieving and maintaining healthy skin:

  • 1. Stabilisation – Here we discuss the functionality of the Acid Mantle and why it is important to strengthen, repair, protect and remove skin cells to maintain the epidermis

Read More > The Role of Your Acid Mantle

  • 2. Exfoliation – Here we learn that the regular use of gentle abrasives are effective in removing dead skin cells from the skin surface to reveal the new skin underneath. Conducting an exfoliation treatment on your skin will slough-off damaged and contaminated cells that carry pollutants from the environment and help improve the surface tone and quality of the skin by preventing clogging and congestion.

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  • 3. Protection – Here we learn how to effectively hydrate and replenish dry skin with the use of emollients and hydrators which include topical vitamins to provide antioxidants, promote wound healing and increase the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Read More > The Effects of Dehydration

In essence, adopting a combination of changes in lifestyle and treatment processes will help normalize the skin, control extrinsic aging as well as alleviate common problems such as age spots, sun damage, pigmented skin, broken capillaries, open pores or dehydrated skin and be effective in the preventing premature aging.

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