10 Habits For Healthy Skin

Get Healthy Skin with These 10 Habits

Are some of your life-style habits impacting on the condition of your skin? It may be time to give your skin routine a spring clean, review your habits and adopt a few new healthier one’s.

Here are our 10 habits for healthy skin:

Skin Health Hub Skin Health 10 Habits for Healthy Skin1. Understand your skin type

Before you spend time and money on skincare in the hope of attaining the perfect glowing skin free from lines and wrinkles get to know your individual skin type and how this will impact your buying decisions.

2. Moisturize your skin

To have smooth and subtle skin; your skin needs to maintain an adequate moisture level. However, as it constantly loses moisture through evaporation applying a moisturizer will not only help condition the skin making it feel soft and plump it will help prevent further moisture loss.

3. Drink plenty of water

It’s important for your body and skin to keep well hydrated. That means you should aim to drink around two litres per day.

4. Don’t smoke

The results of smoking is evident in the skin’s dull appearance, leathery look and for deep wrinkles forming prematurely. Cigarettes deprive the skin of vital nutrients and oxygen which is vital for healthy skin so don’t smoke or quit ASAP.

5. Protect your skin from sun damage

Most skin damage occurs from casual exposure to UV light on a daily basis. UVA rays cause more damage as they penetrate deep into the dermis, damaging collagen, elastin and other protective tissue. To protect your skin from photo-aging and skin cancers, use a high sunscreen protection factor (SPF) sunscreen product which filters both UVA and UVB rays – even on overcast days.

6. Limit your alcohol intake

Reduce the number of alcoholic drinks you consume each week or try to have at least two alcohol-free days per week.

7. Watch your sugar intake in drinks

Soft drinks, sodas, fruit juice and energy drinks are all high in sugar and calories. This goes for sugar in tea and coffee too. Consuming less fat, sugar, drinking less alcohol and increasing fibre content will not only assist in weight-loss but will re-address the nutritional and vitamin balance necessary for a healthy skin and body.

8. Eat a healthy diet

Eat a well-balanced diet by eating moderate amounts of wholefoods high in fibre. Foods high in fibre are brown rice wholemeal bread, sweet corn, jacket potatoes, green leafy vegetables, dried fruit and pulses such as peas, beans and lentils. Plus when you incorporate some of the best whole grains such as; quinoa, millet, whole oats, brown rice and barley your diet will be balanced for a healthy functioning body.

9. Manage stress levels

If stress is a factor in your life you may need to evaluate your life-style, identify the causes of stress and the make some changes. Get a good night’s sleep, relax, take some form of exercise.

10. Exercise regularly

Take some form of exercise 5 times a week for at least 30 minutes. Great for managing stress levels as exercise oxygenates the blood and burns-up excess adrenalin plus it makes you feel good as endorphins are released into the body.

Hopefully you will have read our list of 10 habits for healthy skin and you will only need to make a few tweaks to your lifestyle. When you do you will be rewarded with glowing, healthy youthful looking skin.

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