Anti aging – Face up to Aging

The aging process is different for everyone. Most people will start to see the beginning of expression lines from repeated muscle movement from their mid- 30’s. Surface changes such as sun damage, sun spots and pigmentation changes and the development of benign lesions also start to occur and immediately impact on how your face looks as it ages.

Anti-aging Face Up To Aging

The Forehead

The youthful volume we experience in our 20’s starts to decrease in the forehead or T-Zone. This is due to the loss of tissue, bone, muscle and fat under the skin shrinking and remodeling as we age.

The Eyes

The temples become more indented and provide less support for the eyebrows and skin in the upper eyelid region. Crow’s feet form from continued movement from smiling, squinting, and frowning. In your 50’s and 60’s these lines become permanent. Dark circles can also form as a result of loosening tissue and muscle.

The Lips

Although genetics plays a major part in how our upper lip looks at it ages, sun damage, smoking and how we speak and the overall loss of volume in the upper lip region are all responsible for vertical wrinkling and lips becoming thinner.

The Cheeks and Nose

Loss of volume and the weight of tissues cause indentations around the cheek area, jowls form and the nasolabial marionette folds droop and become more pronounced.

Whilst a large part of how we age is predetermined, there are ways we can face up to aging and make some lifestyle changes such as, wearing sun protection, eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly and managing stress levels that are effective anti aging practices.

There are also many surgical and non-surgical anti aging treatments available to address many aging concerns.  Surgical procedures such as facelifting procedures, the insertion of implants and fat transfer and non-surgical options such as injectable fillers, laser and factional laser, radiofrequency and chemical peeling are all modalities which can restore and rejuvenate our skin as it ages.

Read our article on how our skin ages for more ways to recognize the signs of aging and help you face up to aging.  Be more prepared to prevent and protect your skin with our anti aging practices and simple skin care methods.


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