Best Whole Foods for Skin Health

What are the Best Whole Foods for Skin Health?

Let’s face it, true beauty emanates from the inside – what you put into your body is reflected on the outside. This means that cosmetic skin care procedures such as laser resurfacing to remove wrinkles, expensive facial peels, and applying expensive facial creams can only take your skin so far and in some cases can only mask an underlying skin problem.

Can your change the health of your skin by simply changing your diet?

Best Whole Foods for Skin HealthIn this article we look at the best whole foods for skin health and discover which foods hold the key to long lasting skin health without the added costs of going under surgery or purchasing expensive creams and skin care products. At skin health hub, we propose; by consuming more whole foods you will not only promote excellent skin health, but your body will be receiving all the nourishment it needs to perform at an optimum level in a natural way.

What Are Whole Foods And Why Are They Important?

Whole foods are the foods that are eaten in their natural state, and have not undergone any type of refining process. Whole foods are: fruits, whole grains, beans, seeds, protein prepared in a certain way and vegetables.

The consumption of these foods is important from early in our development to receive the essential nutrients necessary for growth, for healthy skin, hair and nails, overall health, and also for preventing diseases. Conversely, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control, consuming too much processed food may be linked to or cause many chronic diseases.

Best Whole Foods For Skin Health

  • Blueberries – Blueberries are rich in antioxidants that rid the body of harmful toxins that causes rapid aging. Antioxidants are responsible for preventing cellular damage caused by free radicals. If you want to halt the aging process, include blueberries in your diet every day.
  • Almonds – are rich in magnesium and optimize blood flow to the skin. They are also a rich source of vitamin E (also known for its anti-aging benefits). Almonds are also filled with antioxidants that complement the vitamin E, making the consumption of almonds twice as good for skin health.
  • Kale – kale is being hailed as a super food. Of the many health advantages, kale is enriched with vitamin K which is responsible for the suppression of inflammation. Consuming Kale every day will keep your skin taught and tight.
  • Avocado – Avocados contain a healthy fat, Omega 6. These fatty acids are responsible for keeping the skin moisturized naturally. Avocados also contain lecithin which keeps blood cholesterol levels down.
  • Parsley – although parsley is mainly used to garnish dishes, there’s more to it than sprinkling some on to enhance a meal. Parsley contains a combination of chlorophyll, vitamin A, and vitamin C, which heals the skin. As our skin sheds dead skin cells daily, when then body does not have enough nutrients to replenish new skin cells, it becomes dull looking and congested The nutrients found in parsley can aid the skin in its rejuvenation process making it easier for the skin to function.

If you want to keep your skin looking vibrant, and halt the effects of aging, then consider adding the best whole foods for skin health to your daily diet. In addition, drink plenty of water every day will improve hydration so that your skin will look fresh, radiant and your overall health will be at its best.

If you would like more information on whole foods read our article on 10 Whole Foods You Should Eat and Why?

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