Daily Skin Care For Your Skin Type

What Should Be Your Daily Skin Care Routine for Your Skin Type?

There are general things everyone needs to do to maintain a healthy skin. Eating right, keeping your body healthy and rested, exercise and how you care for your skin are all steps that will help keep your skin in optimum condition.

However, depending on your skin type there is a recommended daily skincare for your type of skin. Let’s take a closer look at the different skin regimens.

Skin Health Hub Skin Health Daily Skincare For Your Skin TypeCleansing For Your Skin Type

It is recommended that you cleanse your face with a good pH balanced cleanser suitable for your skin type. Whether you choose a cream, skin cleansing bar or gel cleanser, apply it with wet fingertips using small circular motions to spread it over your skin.

It is important that you apply a toner after you have cleansed to prepare the skin for a moisturizer. It is also recommended that regardless of your skin type to avoid toners with alcohol because they can dry and irritate even normal skin.

If your skin is dry wash your face once or twice daily with a mild cleanser that does not have a detergent in it. Regular soap is too drying so you want to use either a moisturizing soap or a gentle or sensitive skin cleansing bar or wash. Follow with an alcohol free toner.

Oily skin should be washed twice a day with a good medicated cleanser. You should follow with an astringent type toner containing antiseptic substances such as witch hazel to kill surface bacteria, help dry and heal pustules and prevent the formation of blackheads.

Combination skin is best treated with a milky gentle exfoliating cleaner once to twice a day. You can use an oil and alcohol free toner to work with your combination skin

Exfoliating For Your Skin Type

Normal skin can use mild exfoliating creams to cleanse the skin more thoroughly, removing dead skin, all traces of make-up, surface dirt and bacteria whilst stimulating the skin tissues and circulation. Always follow this step by applying a toner and then a moisturizer.

If you have oily or normal skin it’s okay to exfoliate. Oily skin can exfoliate more than once a week to unclog pores and remove dead skin. There are very mild exfoliators for dry skin types also but you need to use them sparingly so as not to strip the skin and make it drier.

Moisturizing For Your Skin Type

Because the skin constantly loses natural moisture through evaporation it is necessary to prevent further moisture loss by using an appropriate moisturizer for your skin type.

Moisturizers come in the form of creams which can be very light-weight oil-in-water emulsions suitable for normal, combination and oily skins to richer consistency creams or water-in-oil emulsions with humectant properties to plump the skin making it softer and more supple.

Regardless of your skin type, a different moisturizer should be applied around the eyes. Since under the eye area is thinner than on the rest of the face and there a few sebaceous glands, the area is prone to dryness and lines forming. Apply an eye cream to this delicate area using your ring finger and gentle tapping movements starting from the corner of the outer eye below your lower lash to the bridge of the nose.

What works for one skin type may have an adverse reaction on another. The general rule of thumb is your daily skincare for your type of skin you have on your face is likely to be the same on your body so, use the same type of body products for your skin type on your body as you do for your face.

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