Derma Needle Roller – Skin Needling

What You Need To Know About Derma Needle Rollers and Skin Needling?

Skin needling is an advanced skin innovation in needling technology that uses a hand held tool called a derma needle roller, derma stamp or derma pen which contain multiple micro-needles with the purpose of piercing the skin to treat skin concerns such as: fine lines and wrinkles, sagging skin, large pores, surgical or acne scaring, stretch marks or cellulite.

How does Derma Needling work?

Skin Health Hub Skin Health Derma Needle Roller - Skin NeedlingRolling the tool over the surface of the skin creates channels in the skin and separates the pores. This allows for a faster delivery of nutrients. Typically, a topical serum or cream is applied onto the skin immediately after the skin has been pierced to feed the underlying cells in the dermis and basal layer of the skin. This increased absorption of nutrients and creation of micro channels creates stimulated repair and faster skin resurfacing.

Thinking about buying you own Derma Needle Roller?

There are several Dermaroller products on the market. Which version you choose will depend upon the condition you wish to treat and where it is on your body. The following options will guide you:

0.25 mm – Improved penetration of skin care products active ingredients.
0.5 mm – Use for face and skin regeneration, removing sun damage, anti-ageing, light scarring, hair loss, light acne scars as well as for better absorption of creams.
1.0 mm – This is the standard needle size is which can be used to treat all conditions.
1.2 mm – Use to reduce cellulite, stretch marks, wrinkles, skin pigmentation and promote skin regeneration.
1.5 mm – If you have deeper scars resulting from burns, surgery or acne or wish to reduce open pores.
2.0 mm and 2.5mm – Are for professional use only.
There is also a 3 line roller available in 1.0mm or 1.5mm needles which are narrower and better suited to use on smaller, difficult to get to areas such as around the nose and eyes.

The beauty with dermarolling is the incredible results you can achieve with minimal downtime post treatment. In fact, many people only experience mild swelling and redness and this generally only lasts for 2 to 24 hours. As your skin heals, over the next 4-6 weeks, it will start to appear smoother, firmer more hydrated and youthful looking.

Still not convinced? Don’t take my word for it read or listen to what satisfied customers have said in customer reviews of the Scientia Derma Roller.

If you like what you have read so far, now all you need to decide on which dermal needle roller you should use and how many you should buy! When you Shop Online For Your Dermal Needle Roller at: simply click on View Product for Seasonal Specials and Deluxe Bundle Packs to help make your decision easier.


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