Electrical Facial Treatments

Electrical Facial Treatments – How It Works?

Electrical facial treatments are designed to improve and increase the skin’s functionality by improving microcirculation, depth of cleansing and hydration as well as improving or correcting skin conditions and providing anti-aging effects such as tightening and firming.

Now you know that electrical facial treatments achieve effects not possible with manual treatments alone, it may be beneficial to understand what some of the different treatments are and how each piece of equipment works.

Skin Health Hub Skin Health Electrical Facial TreatmentsHigh Frequency (HF)

Delivers a rapid oscillating current to produce heat in the tissues. There are two methods of high frequency – direct and indirect.

Each machine has a selection of glass electrodes in different shapes and sizes (depending on the area being treated) which is attached to the handle.

With direct high frequency, a special oxygenating cream and gauze is placed over your skin. Your therapist will use light contact to pass the high frequency current directly into your skin to provide your skin with more oxygen and because the gauze creates a gap between the skin and the electrode more ozone is produced. More ozone helps to heal and dry oily, blemished and pustular skin and stimulates and encourages cell renewal in sluggish skin.

Indirect high frequency is a treatment usually combined with a facial massage. A specific type of electrode called a saturator is attached to the machine’s handle and given to you, the client to hold. Whilst the therapist performs the facial massage (one hand is in constant contact with your skin) the high frequency current discharges from the client to the therapists hands at the point of contact.

The effects of indirect high frequency is that of deep relaxation, relief from muscular tension, improved circulation and improvement in the body’s ability to removal of waste products more efficiently.


Microcurrent electrical neuromuscular stimulation or MENS is an electrical facial treatment used in anti-aging to rejuvenate skin tissue, re-contour and correct sagging facial muscles and refine fine lines and wrinkles.

The treatment works by using a low frequency micocurrent to stimulate and target the Golgi tendon organ which is present in every muscle and is responsible for keeping muscles toned and healthy. Microcurrent achieves this by speeding up circulation and increasing oxygen supply to nourish the area, re-educate muscles and shorten muscle fibres.


A galvanic current is a constant current very effective in deep cleansing, removing excess oil and skin blockages. Galvanism works by creating a current either positive or negative through the skin to form a circuit between the electrodes so that active ingredients can penetrate more effectively into the epidermis.

Different electrodes called working electrodes and non-working electrodes are attached to a machine via leads. An indifferent electrode is a non-working electrode which uses a positively charged electrode to help strengthen and harden skin, close pores and decrease circulation. In this instance, the client holds onto a covered metal rod or plate to complete the circuit of current.

Whereas a negatively charged electrode is used soften the skin, close the pores, increase circulation and liquefy sebum in the follicles. This process is called desincrustation and is achieved using a negative pole tweezer electrode to deeply cleanse oily congested skins.

Now that you understand what some of the electrical facial treatments are when you next visit your favourite spa or skin clinic consider incorporating an electrical treatment in your facial treatment.

If you would like to achieve similar results to the professional electrical treatments without the expense and still have healthy radiant skin without the use of fancy electrical facial treatments read our article on Facial Brush Machines. In this article we reviewed several types of facial devices for home use.

To view our selection of home facial devices at our SkinHealthShop: Home Microdermabrasion Machine, or Facial Cleansing Brush, Derma Stamp and Dermaroller, and Light Therapy Home Hand Held Devices.

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