Facial Peel Treatment Procedure

What You Need to Know About Facial Peel Treatment Procedures

Skin Health Hub Skin Health Facial Peel Treatment ProcedureBefore a facial peel treatment procedure can begin, a through skin analysis should be conducted by a qualified and professional aesthetician or skin therapist as part of your consultation. Assessment using a wood lamp or computer imaging analysis that scans your skin to accurately record key information such as measuring skin pigmentation, pore size, porphyrins (evidence of bacteria), UV spots and sun damage, texture and depth of wrinkles should also be used as part of the analysis process.

Depending on the outcome of your consultation you may need to prepare your skin for 2 weeks prior to undergoing a peel treatment using a recommended Tyrosinase Inhibitor. This is to ensure an even depth of the peel, to reduce risk of unnecessary inflammation, maceration or blanching or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). If you are taking a script form of topical Retin A you must discontinue use for at least 3 days prior to your treatment and to reduce risk of herpes outbreak by taking a prophylactic anti-herpetic several days before and after your treatment.

All peels should be test patched at least 3 days prior to undergoing your peel. Then once your peel treatment is scheduled you can expect the following:

Peel treatment procedure

1. First, your makeup will be removed and your face will be cleansed with a cream cleanser and degreased with a peel preparation lotion or Alcohol wipe before being purified with a toner.

2. Skin may also be prepared by steaming it for approximately 5 minutes under a vapozone steamer. This will open the pores so the peel lotion can better penetrate the skin.

3. Vaseline will be applied on brows, under bottom lashes, at the corners of your eyes, on lips and nostril flares.

4. Your therapist will wipe the peel lotion on all areas of your face beginning at the outside moving onto the centre.

5. The peel is then given time to process and your face may be ‘fanned’ to cool the flush of heat that you can experience as your skin balances. During this time, you may also be asked what the level of heat is that you are experiencing is based on a scale of 1 to 10.

6. For Superficial peels, 1 layer (1.5 – 3ml) will only be applied on your first treatment and up to 2 layers during subsequent treatments.

7. For all non-self-neutralizing peels such as AHA, BHA or Vitamin A peels, your skin will be neutralised with an alkaline solution.

8. For additional cooling of your skin, cold cotton pads will be wiped over your skin to provide further soothing.

9. A post treatment balm will be applied and maybe followed by the application of an additional shield or camouflage balm.

Post peel procedures

The continued success of a peel treatment will depend on:

1. You follow the post treatment guidelines – exactly.

2. You use the prescribed skincare products to alleviate skin irritations, further enhance the effectiveness of the treatment and facilitate continued results and regeneration of the skin.

3. Expect your new skin to be very sensitive and susceptible to injury from UV light. To protect your skin, always apply a wide spectrum sunblock of at least SPF 15+ every morning.

Hopefully, you will now feel more confident and have a better understanding of what you can expect during a facial peel treatment procedure – it may be, a skin peel is the ideal treatment for your skin type and skin concerns.

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