Hair Removal For Men

What You Should Know About Hair Removal for Men

The methods you use to get rid of hair on your face aren’t the best methods to use to remove hair on other parts of your body.

Thankfully the options available for Men’s grooming services has evolved and we have moved on from the slow and painful hair removal methods of electrolysis or thermolysis to more contemporary methods of hair removal for men.

Male Waxing

Skin Health Hub Skin Health Hair Removal For MenWhen it comes to the art of hair removal for Men regardless of whether it’s a full back wax, leg wax or a male brazilian wax still the most common method of depilatory waxing is hot wax and strip wax.

Hot wax

Beeswax is the basic ingredient in hot wax. Resins are added to achieve a flexible working product and agents such as azulene, chamomile, aloe vera, rose and titanium dioxide and tea tree oil may be added to help protect and sooth the skin.

Melted in a wax heater to 120C or 248F, the wax is cooled to working temperature of between 50 – 55C (122-131F). Skin should be cleansed with an antibacterial agent and dried before waxing.

To apply, hot wax is transferred to the end of a wooden tongue depressor before being firmly smoothed against hair growth in patches. The wax is dry and ready to be removed when the color of wax is dull. The wax patch should be removed against the hair growth. A pre-waxing oil or anti-bacterial tea-tree lotion is then applied to protect and sooth the skin.

Strip wax

The wax needs to be soft before use and as such strip wax could be heated in thermostatically controlled heating pots or individual cartridges hand-held dispensers containing disposable roller applicator heads.

The main difference in strip wax is that the wax never sets hard on the skin which makes it easier to use to treat larger areas such as arms, back, neck and shoulders, legs chest and legs. A metal spatula is dipped into the wax or the wax is rolled onto the skin from the wax cartridge in a very thin layer in the direction of the hair growth. A fabric strip is then placed over the section of the body and pressure is applied to bond the strip to the wax. Skin is held taught with one hand whilst the other hand pulls the strip off in the opposite direction, keeping the hand almost parallel to the skin.

Although there is less reaction on the skin using the strip wax method, after-wax oil or lotion can remove wax residue and sooth the skin.


This Middle Eastern from of hair removal has re-bounded in popularity in recent years. Originally, sugar, water and lemon juice were combined to form a sticky paste, today’s manufacturing has created a soft, pliable paste that is gentler on the skin as the paste clings to the hair not the skin making is ideal for use on sensitive of skin’s.

Laser and Pulsed light

These treatments are now proving to be popular because finer and softer re-growth is achieved in the process of reducing the growth rate of hair making the time waiting in-between appointments more tolerable. Pulses of intense concentrated lamplight target the melanin in the hair follicle. This loosens the hair and over the course of approximately 6-10 treatments can disable the hair responsible for new hair growth entirely.

Depending on the size of the area being treated the process is fairly quick from 5 – 60 minutes.

During the treatment you can expect to experience a feeling that is similar to that of a rubber band being snapped on the skin. However this is only temporary as the skin is cooled in between pulses.

Due to rising popularity the cost of laser and pulsed light treatments has become more affordable. Many practices offer significant reductions when multiple treatment packages are purchased.

There you have it; hopefully we have unraveled the mystery of hair removal for men. With regular treatment, unwanted hair can be greatly reduced and even eliminated and you can now feel confident that there are effective hair removal methods specially designed for you to maintain your personal presentation, enhance a sense of well-being or to simply make you look your best.

To learn more about Laser Hair Removal For Men see our article on Home Hair Removal Light Therapy for Men.


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