How to Treat Combination Skin

Combination Skin Care Routines

Whether you have normal to dry, dry or oily skin or a combination of both, a skin care routine will help keeps your skin’s outer appearance looking healthy. If you also suffer from blemishes or acne breakouts, adopting a skin care routine that is right for your skin type will help manage your oil flow and clear up your complexion.

Here are our three top skin care tips to treat a combination skin.

Skin Health Hub Skin Health Combination Skin1. Gently cleanse your skin morning and night using a pH-balanced cleanser. If your skin is oily around the T-zone area and you are prone to acne breakouts or blackheads this will help remove excess sebum without overstimulating or drying out your skin.

2. Apply a weekly mask to absorb oil, dirt, draw-out surface impurities and help refine open pores. It is best to apply two different masks to a combination skin. A clay-type mask is ideal to treat an oily T-Zone whilst a more hydrating mask can be used deeply clean the remainder of your face.

Remember, don’t be tempted to pick or squeeze any spots of blackheads as this may lead to scarring.

3. Apply a moisturizer day and night to prevent moisture loss. Applying a light weight oil-in-water emulsion will work well to add to the skin’s own moisture level.

The characteristics of a combination skin type can be easily managed if you consistently adopt these home-care tips. Once your new routine becomes a habit you will be well on your way to maintaining a healthy, clear and balanced skin.

Learn more by reading our article on “Skin Care for 30’s”.


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