Is Micro Needling Painful?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions I receive as an esthetician and laser technician – “Is micro needling painful?”

Skin Health Hub Skin Health Is Micro Needling Painful?Let me take you through the treatment process so that you know what to expect.

What to expect during a skin micro needling treatment

A great way to minimize pain from a derma needle roller treatment that will also help you achieve optimum results is by preparing your skin correctly before-hand. This is important to build-up the skin’s strength (particularly around delicate eye areas), so using creams containing active ingredients such as Vitamin C and A will improve the structure of the skin prior to your treatment.

If you have scheduled your treatment with a professional esthetician, you can expect them to work to a strict user guide as different piercing depths will be used depending on which area/s of the body are being treated. Working at depths greater than 1.5mm should only be performed by an experienced technician as incorrect depths in some areas can cause nerve damage. It is for this reason that you should expect the minimum depths to be used on your first treatment with depths gradually increasing at each session.

The good news is, when minimum depth needles of between 0.25mm – 0.5mm are rolled over, or stamped on the skin; the treatment is considered painless. For subsequent treatments over 0.5mm in depth a topical numbing cream containing the local anesthetic Lidocaine can be applied to numb the skin’s surface, this will render the treatment completely pain-free – what a relief!

Can I have a pain free treatment using my dermaroller at home?

Even better news! Yes you can also experience a pain-free treatment using your dermaroller at home by applying a topical numbing cream called Deeveeant Numb.

The reason we love it here at SkinHealthHub is because the ingredients used (Lidocaine, Prilocaine, Benzocaine and Gentamicin) are not only safe to use but are reliable in achieving a long lasting topical numb.

These powerful Ingredients such as:

Lidocaine (also known as Xylocaine or Lignocaine) – is a common local anesthetic compound and antiarrhythmic drug.

Prilocaine – is an amino type anesthetic and when combined with Lidocaine in topical cream preparations its dermal (skin) anesthesia properties are excellent.

Benzocaine – is a local anesthetic often used as the active ingredient in many over-the-counter anesthetic ointments.

Gentamicin – is an amino-type antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. When combined in a dermal cream like Deeveeant Numb it helps to prevent infections from painful procedures.

So now you know a derma needle roller treatment can be pain free especially when a quality numbing cream is applied and with Deeveeant Numb there is no other commercially available numbing cream that is more powerful.

To get yours go to:

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