Is Your Skin Sensitive or Sensitized?

Skin that is truly sensitive is often associated with genetic predispositions.

Genetic predispositions such as respiratory disorders, asthma, chronic rhinitis, chronic and severe hay fever, eczema, dermatitis and rosacea.

For many of these people, their skin sensitivity started in childhood.  There are other medical conditions such as auto-immune disorders, diabetes, altered hormone levels and medications such as steroids that can all increase skin sensitivity.  However, your “sensitive” skin may be sensitized as the result of other factors.

Is Your Skin Sensitive Or SensitizedHere is our checklist to narrow down the possible cause of your sensitivity.

  1. Check the ingredients on your cleansers do they contain enzymes, AHA’s or BHA’s?
  2. Is your cleanser self-neutralizing or do you need to apply a toner to rebalance the pH level of the skin?
  3. Are you being too harsh on your skin by using abrasive “tools”?
  4. Are you over-cleansing or exfoliating too often?
  5. Do your products contain high levels of essential oils, alcohol and solvents?
  6. Does your moisturizer or makeup contain SPF?

Anyone of these factors can have a negative effect on your skin.  Plus when you take into account that it takes approximately 14 hours for your skin to restore its pH balance, any number of possible causes from the list above can have occurred leaving the skin no time to repair.

One of the best ways to help answer the question – Is Your Skin Sensitive or Sensitized? is to take our Skin Type Quiz.  When you do you will unlock your Personalized Quiz Results and assessment of your skin type, skin facts, skincare solutions, product recommendations and personalized insights into your skin health potential. Go to:

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