Know Your Skin Type Before Choosing Skincare Products

When choosing what skincare products to use the first step in determining how effective a product will be is to know your skin type before choosing skincare products.

Skin Health Hub Skin Health Know Your Skin Type Before Choosing Skincare ProductsThere are many schools of thought as to how many different Skin Types there are. This is generally driven from the analysis and assessment process carried out by a qualified Esthetician where the appearance and texture of your skin are just some of the important factors taken into consideration when determining your skin type and being able to offer the correct skincare advice, appropriate product recommendations and support.

Essentially there are five basic skin types: normal, dry, sensitive, oily and combination. In our previous article on Skin Types we explain the characteristics of each individual skin type.

If achieving a clear complexion is one of your goals then you will benefit from booking a one-on-one personal virtual consultation here at Skin Heath Hub.

Our On-Line Virtual Consultation is a 45 minute consultation where we get together, complete a Skin Health Questionnaire and asses your individual skin type and skin concerns.

After your one-on-one consultation we give you our prescriptive evaluation of your skin and we identify the correct home care advice, skincare treatment protocols and product recommendations to you in a personalized report.

This Information will make all the difference in helping you achieve healthy radiant skin and why it is so important to know your skin type before choosing skincare products.

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