Protecting Your Skin’s Barrier

There is so much that can affect the function and health of your skin.

If you use incorrect products, over exfoliate or neglect your skin entirely your skin can become extremely dry and dehydrated,   lines and wrinkles can become more pronounced, redness and inflammation, acne and congestion, rosacea, eczema or dermatitis can all be the end result of not protecting your skin’s barrier.

In one of our earlier articles on Know Your Skin’s pH Balance we discussed what pH level is required to achieve a healthy balanced skin and that the hallmark of young, normal, youthful-looking skin is the natural glow that comes with a balanced, hydrated skin.

Protecting Your Skin's Barrier

If your skin’s protective pH mantle is out of balance then its potential to stop contaminants from penetrating the skin can cause irreparable damage.  At the very least, skin can become dry and dehydrated, red and flaky.  When the skin pH levels move outside the normal range for long periods of time skin conditions and infections can develop.   A high alkaline pH level for instance leaves the skin vulnerable to bacteria and conditions such as acne and rosacea will only worsen.


To take the guess work out of knowing if you are in fact adequately protecting your skin’s barrier talk to a skin specialist or beauty therapist.  As part of their consultation process they will ask questions to uncover whether the cause of your skin concerns are influenced by factors such as hormones, stress, medications,  a certain health condition that can alter the body’s chemistry or  if your condition needs medial intervention before a skincare program can commence.

Read more about the importance of a thorough skin analysis in our article

“Why a Skin Consultation is So Important “.

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