Skin Care for Sun Damaged Skin

Skin Care Solutions for Sun Damaged Skin

If you have spent most of your childhood outdoors or at the beach during the summer vacations then your exposure to the elements and especially the UV radiation of the sun may be more than most other people. This would be especially true if you were a child of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s when there was no real awareness of the dangers of UV radiation from the sun and the effects it can have on your skin.

Skin Health Hub Skin Health Skin Care For Sun Damaged SkinWe know today, that the sun plays a huge role in increasing the aging process and is responsible for bringing out skin imperfections such as sun spots, freckles, pigmentation, broken capillaries and even premature wrinkles.

Can the problem be solved with skin care to reverse the signs of sun damaged skin?

The problem can be improved, reversed and possibly solved through the use of skin care products. Look for product ingredients which are packed with Vitamin C that provides your skin with an ample dose of antioxidants to act to eradicate the free radicals in your skin and repair the damage already done.

If you are looking for a natural alternative to products which may contain dangerous chemicals such as; hydroquinone, mercury or steroids, look no further than Meladerm, manufactured by Civant Skin Care. Meladerm skin care cream promotes skin lightening by using organically grown plant-derived extracts and active ingredients in its formulation such as, Alpha-Arbutin, Gigawhite, Kojic Acid, Lemon Juice, Licorice, Bearberry and Mulberry Extract – all used in high enough concentrations to retain the ingredients integrity yet remaining safe to use on all skin types.

Meladerm stands out from many other skin lightening creams on the market as their results show it to have a significant skin brightening effect and the ability to treat many types of skin conditions caused from sun damage such as age spots, freckles and pigmentation as well as improving the over-all clarity and tone of the skin in a relatively short period of time. The product is also backed with an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee – assurances don’t get better than that!

So now you know, sun damaged skin can be beaten through the use of products containing the right mixture of ingredients. You will be surprised at how much different your skin looks once you get arbutin, bearberry and kojic acid working on your skin.

To learn more about Meladerm to treat your Sun Damaged Skin visit:
Skin Health Shop – Skin Care Products

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