Skin Care Tips

Having a good skin care routine is vital for healthy skin so we have provided some skin care tips

It’s important to understand that to obtain good skin does not necessarily mean you need to spend a lot of money on lavish salon facial treatments or skin peels. A daily routine involving the cleansing of your skin is a great start. Here we have compiled many more practical skin care tips for you to apply.

Easy Skin Care Tips For Healthy Skin

Skin Health Hub Skin Health Skin Care Tips1. Be Gentle

Avoid taking long showers and using extremely hot water when bathing as high temperatures can strip you skin of its natural oils. Do not place your face directly under the flow of water either. Instead, splash you face with moderately heated water. When you get out of the tub, don’t rub vigorously with a towel, be gentle and pat-down your skin to let your skin heal.

2. Exfoliate

The benefits of exfoliating is to remove dead cells to reveal the new skin underneath and to remove any excess oils, clean the pores and shrinking them. For best results exfoliating at least once a week.

For your body, use an exfoliation glove or brush as an effective method of polishing your skin.

For you face, use facial scrubs with tiny granules that will not be abrasive on your skin and apply gently in small circular motions for around 30 seconds on your forehead, cheeks, nose and chin.

3. Nourish

Apply a daily moisturizer for your skin type. Whether you have a dry skin, oily skin or a combination skin the way in which you treat and nourish you skin will differ. Depending on your skin type, you may benefit from the additional application of a serum or you may need to apply a restorative night cream to help combat the signs of aging.

The perfect time to moisturize your skin however is straight after bathing or showering as the warm water that you bathed in opened your skins pores which mean your skin is more able to absorb a moisturizing lotion.

4. Be consistent

You will achieve much better results for your skin if you are consistent in applying them to your daily/weekly skin care routine. When choosing a cleanser, exfoliant or moisturizer, try to choose products from the same ‘brand’ as it is believed this will cause less confusion to the skin. Products are generally formulated to work best in conjunction with products in the same range so it makes sense to be consistent when purchasing your skin care products too!

Healthy skin can be more easily achieved if you follow these tips Plus you will find that a couple of minutes a day can make a huge difference to having beautiful soft skin that is nourished and glowing.

Just remember, change won’t happen overnight, you have to apply your new routine for a couple of months before you start to see results and feel the difference in your skin.

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