Skin Care For Winter

How to Adapt Your Skin Care for Winter

The skin care products you’re using in winter could be causing unnecessary damage to your skin. You see, you can’t imagine wearing your summer clothes – soft floaty skirts, short sleeved tops, strappy sandals – in WINTER can you? No, of course not, you’d have to be crazy, right?

Skin Health Hub Skin Health Skin Care For WinterThe trouble is, so many of us do this to our skin. We use the SAME skin care products on our face in winter that we used in summer. These products, though ideal for the summer months, but can do our skin more harm than good when the weather changes.

What is the best skin care for winter?

The change in season can signal loss of tone and texture and can indicate your skin is in need of extra care. Skin care products which address these issues will have a significant impact on your skins ability to repair and restore itself and function at its optimum level.

So, let’s take a look at what some of the vital ingredients are that are needed to be in skin care products that will help you address tone and texture.

Tone: Uneven skin tone as a result of sun damage is best treated with skin care containing active topical ingredients. Some non-prescriptive examples include retinols, kojic acid, liquorice extract and L-ascorbic acid. Other topicals such as: lactic acid and glycolic acid will help remove surface pigmentation. To reduce redness and inflammation apply products with ingredients such as niacinamide, chamomile, aloe, beta glucan, sea buckwheat oil to help promote a healthier vascularity.

Texture: If skin appears dry and flaky, look for natural moisturizing ceramide and hyaluronic acid to repair and improve skin texture and replenish moisture levels in the skin.

So what is the best skin care for winter?

Why not look on winter as the perfect opportunity to care for your skin by using skin care products with active ingredients whose objective it is to maintain the skin structure.

Adapt your skin care routine as your skin responds to a change in season, nurture your skin, love it and protect it and it will respond by looking radiant, blemish-free and youthful looking skin this winter.

In addition to addressing the tone and texture of your skin you may also need to re-access your skin care routine.

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