Vegan Skincare

Helpful Vegan Skincare Tips

An increasing number of people become vegetarian or vegan and choose alternatives for the care of their skin care and health. Vegan skincare product formulas contain absolutely no derivatives from animals or living creatures and are free of harmful toxins that are common in other cosmetics. However, it pays to pay attention to the ingredients of skincare products to ensure they are in fact vegan.

What do the words “raw”, “vegan” mean when it comes to vegan skincare?

Skin Health Hub Skin Health Vegan SkincareThe word “raw” is often seen on skincare and beauty packaging. It refers to pure, natural beauty products that have been produced with minimal processing in order for the product to retain all their life energy, enzymes, antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids as possible in order to truly nourish your skin.

Products labeled as natural and organic can contain animal derivatives, so it is important to remember that just because a product is natural or organic doesn’t mean its 100% vegan. Vegan and Vegetarian skin care and cosmetics are not just beauty products that are not tested on animals, they are also products made without animal or animal by-product ingredients.

However, some vegan companies will also have products that contain bee products but will ensure that any bee products that are in their products are ethically harvested. If you do not consider bee products to be vegan, you should check on the labeling for “bee-free” or “contains bee products”.

For you, choosing to be vegan may be more than just choosing a brand of skin care or product based on them using cruelty-free ingredients. This could be one essential component in your selection criteria. You may also be interested in the integrity and ethics behind the organization which produces a line of 100% vegan skincare and body care products. Do they care for the environment too? If this is of importance to you, here are some additional philosophies to check for. Are they are run by 100% solar energy and their pure, biodegradable formulas packaged with post-consumer recycled plastic, glass, soda cans, paper? Is the packaging printed with biodegradable non-toxic vegetable ink?

One particular company whose vision is “a world where we live in health and harmony with the Earth and all beings” is “Living Earth Beauty”. Their mission is to offer products which heal, nourish, honor you, and enhance your natural beauty. They have searched the globe to find the most pure, highest quality raw, vegan, organic skincare and body care.

We at SkinHealthHub love their philosophy and is the reason why we chose to offer their products over SkinHealthShop. Choose from many brands of high quality raw, organic vegan skincare and body care. Visit:

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