Why a Skin Consultation is So Important

Many skin conditions are similar in appearance but the possible causes can vary considerably.
This is one of the main reasons why a skin consultation is so important.

Skin Health Hub Skin Health Why a Skin Consultation is So ImportantIt is only with further investigation, that other physical and environmental factors such as diet, lifestyle, medication and current skincare regime can be discussed which may uncover these factors and pin-point the possible causes. Only then can an accurate diagnosis be given and a plan be formulated to correct a skin problem or skin problems.

This prescriptive approach to skin diagnosis enables you – the client to benefit from the Esthetician’s expertize in skin health and anatomy so that they can recommend a tailor-made skincare regime using skincare brands based on product ingredients and formations best suited to ‘match’ your individual skincare needs. Other benefits that a skin consultation provides include:

  • a greater client satisfaction which results in a positive change in your skin
  • products are recommended to minimize any side effects
  • preventing you from wasting money purchasing inappropriate skincare products

As well as determining your skin type and recommending the right products to match your skin type, a skin consultation offers the opportunity to teach you simple tips and techniques to ensure correct application of skincare, reiterate the order in which they should be applied and help you understand what results you should expect.

Now that you understand more of why a skin consultation is so important, you may want to find out more about Skin Health Hub’s On-Line Virtual Skin Type Assessment Consultation. Please go to http://skinhealthhub.com/skin-type-assessment-consultation to book your appointment.

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